A Presentation of the Horses

Meet my three heartbreakers! I have three horses – a little Shetland pony called Schnappsand two bigger warm-blooded riding horses, Terry and Houston. The Shetland is not ridden (by adults at least) – he is more of a farm sweetheart who likes his apples, carrots, and other treats. He likes to spend time with the other horses as much as he absolutely loves attention from humans.

My warm-blooded horses are athletic horses and they require a good amount of exercise. They run freely on our big fenced field areas and are taken for rides frequently. Both enjoy rides out into nature, and are very sweet and easy-to-handle horses. I’m very fortunate to have such a well-balanced trio!

We try to offer our horses a life worth living, where they have their space, quality nutrition, and their social needs met. Our horses are handled gently keeping their well-being and feelings always in mind.

Horse therapy

I love horses and riding – I always have. My interest started at a fairly young age. Of course, having horses of my own is a dream come true and caring for these magnificent animals gives me so much pleasure in return. Being able to have horses was one reason why I chose to have an organic farm.It’s a clean, natural form of therapy for me to spend time with my horses. I really enjoy the sport of horseback riding on my warm-blooded horses.

Horse riding is great fun and is an effective exercise for the horses and for humans too! My Shetland pony might not offer rides, but he is the best company – so affectionate and gentle. He really enjoys the life at the farm and has stolen all our hearts by just being his awesome self.

My three beautiful ‘horse children’ will feature blog posts in the future too. I will share stories of them and of course tell about horseback riding and horse keeping by sharing tips and fun facts. I hope my experiences will help someone else and maybe even inspire another horse lover to make their dream of owning a horse come true.