Why I Choose to Operate an Organic Farm

To me, organic farming equals quality, health, and sustainability. As organic farming is regulated strictly according to EU standards and certifications, there is always a certain quality guarantee. That quality consists of farming without artificial pesticides and fertilizers and without all the downsides of large-scale factory farming.

Having an organic farm was a very natural choice. I have always been cautious about many factors surrounding mass farming of vegetables or animals. It just simply wasn’t for me, although I agree that farming can be done in many ways, some better than others. I want to offer food that I or my family would eat happily.

That’s what farming essentially is about – providing sustainable and nutritious food. Having the label “organic” is very important to me, but the label doesn’t tell the whole story, so I write a blog and share my beliefs, ideas, and practices.

Animal Welfare

A farmer should never have anything to hide – that means the ethics, practices, and animal welfare are visible and above-board. As an animal lover, animal welfare is and will always be an important factor for me. Mass production was never an option! I want to treat every animal as humanely as possible and dedicate my time and energy to their well-being as I would do spending a day of with the family.

On an organic farm, animals are fed quality food, preferably fresh grass from the fields, are given absolutely no hormones, and their space, exercise, and social needs are met. I’m happy if, and only if, my animals are content!

Organic Farming – My Lifestyle

Organic farming is a way of life. I love living close to nature and having the connection I have with my farming. It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle, on which I dedicate all my efforts and energy.