Study Agriculture in the UK

There are many options for those interested in studying the practice and science of agriculture, which simply is farming – growing plants and breeding livestock for human consumption and use. The aim is to produce food and materials, whether the product is a raw material or the end product.

Agriculture studies and practices can be specialized in various fields and has the opportunity for different career options like mine as an organic farmer.

Different Agricultural Study Options Offered by Universities

A Degree in Agriculture can be obtained through study at many different universities across the UK. Agricultural studies can focus on, for example, the economics, environment, sustainability, development, research, food security, plant health, and forestry studies.

Degrees in Sustainable Agriculture as well as Environmental Science are very important and trending as consumers and agricultural experts have become more aware of the importance in helping our planet. Food security and associated scientific knowledge are also in high demand today. These can be studied in some of the UK’s top universities.

There are also many undergraduate courses and programs available to further one’s knowledge about agriculture without completing a full degree.

Practical study options

Certain fields of agriculture can be, sometimes best, learned through practical studies including skill-based courses and practical training. The time period and level of qualification can differ according to the institutions offering the training.

There are career openings in the agricultural industry for people with all levels of qualifications. Agriculture is a global field with almost unlimited options available for those interested. The best advice is to visit some local farms and talk to professionals –you are warmly welcome to have a chat -, or visit different institution websites online to review their specific offerings of agricultural studies.