A Day with the Family

Planning a vacation is always a challenge, especially if you have a large family like I do. Living on a farm and being a farmer makes it much more challenging because it is hard to imagine a day off. Your schedule is always focused around the many chores that have to be done daily.

If you are a dairy farmer, it is even more challenging because the cows require twice daily milking. This makes it almost impossible to think of going away. Farm hands can be the answer, especially if you trust them. He or she should be able to handle the many chores while you and the family go on a well-needed vacation, or even have a day off.

Making Plans for the Day Off

Decide what time you will leave to start enjoying your day off. Have the farm hand scheduled to take over the chores while you and the family are away. You may want to be away overnight or maybe just for the day. Either way, you will want to get yourself ready.

  • Make sure you pack the day before
  • Plan to leave mid-day so the first milking will have been done.
  • Definitely, pack you and your family in the vehicle, and leave! This is important
  • Your destination must be different from the farm; no cows or horses! Leave your worries and duties behind.
  • Never anticipate situations happening in your absence. Your farm hand is quite cable of handling any situation. Let’s face it; if he/she were not capable, you would not have chosen them as your farmhand in the first place.
  • Relax and enjoy the day. Plan to do different things; maybe there is a book you wanted to read but never had the time – now is the ideal time. Forget the study books. Go to the beach, maybe your chosen spot for your day off is near a mini golf course; go play golf!
  • Make dinner for your overnight stay a special occasion; dress in your finery and dine in style. Take pictures to remember the time spent; remember you may not get another chance like this for some time.

The above scenario is an ideal suggestion for any farmer and their family. It can be your ideal day off or even a longer vacation.

Many farmers do find it difficult to take a vacation or even take a day off. They may get home sick for the animals, feel lost having nothing to do, or consider it a waste of time. Consider how important relaxing it and how just getting away for a while can bring the family together.