About Me

Greetings from North Yorkshire! I live on a small farm in Middlesbrough where I have my milk cows, vegetable gardens and three beautiful horses. My country living lifestyle is pretty simple but rich with daily rewards. There is something truly authentic about being able to provide healthy food for myself, my family, and others.

In my blog, I tell you about my experiences, the ups and downs, and the sunrises and sunsets of my life as an organic farmer. I include photos to show the beautiful surroundings of my farm as well as pictures of our cows and horses, who all have such big personalities that it is easy to fall in love with them.  I’m happy that you found my blog and are able to dive into my life as an organic farmer and share a regular day at the farm.

What is Organic Farming?

In the UK, organic farming is regulated by national rules and guidelines, which are based on EU regulations and EU standards. A certificate is required to sell products with the “organic” label if all the regulations are met.

I’m proudly farming without artificial pesticides and fertilizers – something which is an important aspect of organic farming. Usually organic farming is done on a small scale. All farm animals are fed quality natural foods – and often they are grass-fed.

My milk cows spend as many days outside as the weather allows and we put our efforts into meeting their needs, health, and comfort. Animals are very close to our hearts.

Horse Lover’s Paradise

As a long-time horse lover, there is nothing quite like the feeling to wake up every morning to a sunrise on your own farm and do a stable round caring for your own horses. Horses and riding have always been my passion, but now I can pursue them on a whole new level in the most natural surroundings.

I love riding on the open fields surrounded by pure nature, but most of the time my horses enjoy a pretty free and laid-back lifestyle. At the moment I have three horses – all of whom are featured in my blog posts.

My blog is a lifestyle blog as well as providing information and tips on organic farming. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and find your way here again!